Virtual Assistants, Chatbots & Multilingual Offerings

Communicate in any language 24/7 through voice, text and chat to save time, solve problems and increase sales.

Real business results, in real time, all the time

  • Affordable and quick scalability
  • Interact 24/7/365
  • Omnichannel consistency
  • Sales conversions
  • De-risk transactions
  • Reduce costs
  • Better customer data
  • Personalize relationships
  • Assistance for human agents
  • Scale HR process
  • Immediate response

Improve interactions and operations across your organization

  • Sentiment analysis
  • Speech to text and text to speech
  • Data analytics
  • Supply chain efficiency
  • Better customer data

Create efficiencies across a wide range of functional areas

  • Financial Contact Center Chatbot
  • Call Center Chatbots
  • Application Bots (book tickets, order food, call a cab)
  • Productivity Bots (improve organizational efficiencies)
  • Manufacturing Bots (track progress across the supply chain)

PandemPandemic Response

Whether you’re in retail, banking, tourism, or manufacturing you can quickly pivot to implement a Conversational AI chatbot that will dramatically scale your customer service capabilities, increase conversions, and generate actionable data to improve results. Known to be fast and affordable NDS Cognitive Labs will develop and manage solutions through Outstaffing and Global In-House Centers with highly-skilled professionals.

Omnichannel Customer Service

An omnichannel strategy provides information about products, prices, and purchases across channels. It also makes the difference between retaining customers or losing them. NDS Cognitive Labs integrates Conversational AI tools across websites, social networking, WhatsApp and more to provide a single point of truth from which you can provide 24/7 connections to customers with real intent of purchase.

Securely and seamlessly extend your capabilities

Chatbots/Virtual Assistants

- IBM Watson Assistant: creates virtual assistants with advanced AI.

- Amazon Lex: enables voice and text.

- Microsoft LUIS: supports machine learning based on natural language.

- Google DialogFlow: creates conversational AI applications with voice or chat.

Omnichannel Integration

- Integration on social media: Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, Telegram.

- Integrate with collaboration tools: Slack, Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business, Yammer.

- Be present on owned media channels: App mobile and Web.

- Integrate into the most popular AI tools: Alexa and Google Assistant.

Multi-lingual Chatbots

- Automatic Natural Language Processing (NLP): based on algorithms, automatic and manual translation techniques, detects any language and responds in kind regardless of when or how the new language is introduced.

- Dialect recognition recognizes: phraseology and words specific to countries and regions and keeps up even when visitors change the way they refer to the same topic.

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