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NDS Cognitive Labs

Rapidly and affordably develops and integrates sophisticated technologies, leading the implementation of conversational AI, cloud, and digital transformation solutions in Latin America.

Co-located in Mexico and the United States

NDS Cognitive Labs delivers essential innovation and a collaborative team experience through three flexible development models including turn-key services, Outstaffing, and Global In-House Centers.

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20,000 highly skilled technology professionals

Drawing from our proprietary platform of technologists trained in U.S. and global standards, we work with top global technology providers including IBM, Amazon, Google, Microsoft, MongoDB and more.

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Though banks dedicate considerable resources to customer service, many still struggle to answer inquiries quickly and effectively resulting in low customer satisfaction and high employee turnover.


Today organizations can digitally monitor the status and performance of individual machines in real time, while AI-powered chatbots help with inquiries, sales and service.


Customers can now choose to buy from big companies or small – even from an individual person selling online. Adapt to this trend now, or risk losing sales and market share.


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