Developing Products, Services and Companies

From platforms to tools, meet the products we created to help companies find talent, build communities, de-risk offerings, increase influence, secure transactions, and automate processes

Find Talent at Scale: Fuga de Cerebros

This proprietary platform houses more than 20,000 tech professionals and features easy ways for clients to filter and choose applicants based on skills, capabilities, certifications and even cultural fit. It incorporates Mettl, an automated assessment tool that evaluates candidates’ coding capabilities.

Community Building: En Cinco

Increase your exposure and engagement on our online channel focused on creating original content for different types of audiences. Our channel seeks to inform users on the latest trends and news. En Cinco aims to build a community of people who share different hobbies and interests.

De-Risking Offerings: Riesgo Cognitivo

This risk assessment platform is used to identify and minimize risk for financial companies and others in highly regulated industries. It instantly creates a dashboard outlining the level of risk for a transaction based on the integration of official data such as social security number, tax ID, and birthdate.

Increase Influence: Follow Me

Follow Me is an influencers platform that allows users to create a profile and companies to see them and partner up with them. This helps organizations amplify their message through the right talent by enhancing meaningful relationships between brands and content creators. The members of our community are experts in different areas, like cooking, gaming, exercising, technology, cars, makeup, and many others.

Secure Transactions: Drivy

Drivy is an online platform that allows anyone who wants to purchase and sell used cars to do so in a secure way by guaranteeing a safe transaction between both parties and making sure users get the latest prices, promotions, and best quotes. Drivy's platform uses artificial intelligence to show users the best cars available based on their preferences.

Monitor media: Audio Testigo

This is an audio recognition technology that uses Machine Learning algorithms to analyze radio broadcasts and identify each moment in which advertising spots appear. Get a complete record of the data obtained from your spots, analyze how your ads are positioned and exactly when you are reaching your audience.