AI Chatbot VS. Call Centers

Save time and money, and increase customer satisfaction. Calculate how much you can save using an AI Chatbot.


Call center

Average call: 15 minutes

Average cost: $7 per call


Call center

Average call: 15 minutes

Average cost: $7 per call

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Tech Talent

Trained in global standards? Check. Long-term relationships with diverse teams of dedicated full-stack IT pros who speak the language of business? True value.

Software Development

Affordable full-cycle software development is where we start. Quality and innovation are the results. Quality saves time and money. Innovation transforms businesses.

Conversational AI

Improve interactions with AI-driven chatbots that scale 24/7. They interact, guide, and convert customers in English and/or Spanish. Your customers, employees, and bottom line will thank you.


Digital Transformation

Whether technology is a core business strategy or a key imperative to build your business, we’ll help you build it right the first time.

Cloud Solutions

We help you migrate, modernize, and maintain your cloud infrastructure while unlocking new value with AI, ML, and world-class security and compliance.


Our long-term relationships with top technology providers support our AI, cloud, cybersecurity, ecommerce and mobile capabilities. And we support our partners, too, with global implementation.

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Mexico the Technology Power Next Door

Mexico is home to more than 650,000 working technology professionals with a technology workforce expanding 3X faster than the global average.

¿No Habla Español? Bi-Lingual Chatbots

Sixty-million Americans speak Spanish. If your chatbot doesn’t, you’re ignoring a huge customer base.

5 Top Nearshoring Trends 2022

Global demand for tech talent is exploding. Enterprise and mid-market companies are increasingly choosing “nearshoring” to diversify their talent base, avoid conflict zones, get high quality development support, reduce costs, and enjoy compatible time zones, easy flights, and cultural alignment. Learn how companies are succeeding with this fast-growing strategy.

Case Studies


Though banks dedicate considerable resources to customer service, many still struggle to answer inquiries quickly and effectively resulting in low customer satisfaction and high employee turnover.


Today organizations can digitally monitor the status and performance of individual machines in real time, while AI-powered chatbots help with inquiries, sales and service.


Customers can now choose to buy from big companies or small – even from an individual person selling online. Adapt to this trend now, or risk losing sales and market share.

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Best Digital Transformation Companies

Through our Conversational AI, cloud, and digital transformation services, NDS Cognitive Labs offers sophisticated, yet affordable solutions for competitive advantage, resilience, and growth for mid-market and enterprise companies.

Global techbology leaders NDS Cognitive Labs and Minsait (An Indra Company) announce partnership to provide one-stop shop for Digital Transformation Talent and Implementation LATAM

The partnership provides exceptional capabilities

The Global Information Technology Management Association Conference Recap


Las Soluciones de NDS mejoran la Experiencia del Cliente para el Banco Actinver

Conoce cómo una de nuestras soluciones mejoran la experiencia del cliente para Actinver.


Let’s discuss how we can help you meet your business objectives with fast, affordable technology development in Mexico.