Technical Talent

Mexico mints twice as many IT graduates annually than the U.S. Fill your IT talent gap with our proprietary database of 20,000 IT specialists. We’re certain you’ll find the right team members


Nearshoring/ Outstaffing

Co-located in Silicon Valley and Mexico, we serve North and South America, Europe, and India, providing high quality, credentialled teams trained in U.S. and global standards.

Global In-house Centers

Establish an impressive presence in LatAm with teams of technologists working under your direction, with NDS Cognitive Labs providing all administrative support functions.

Fuga de Cerebros

The largest database of highly skilled technology professionals in Latin America, trained in U.S. and global standards.


Diversify and De-risk Technology Implementation

Increase your technology bench strength and quickly pivot to address market conditions, reduce costs, diversify your offshore workforce, and de-risk technology implementation.

More than 20,000 Pre-Screened Technology Professional

NDS Cognitive Labs maintains a growing database exceeding 20,000 technology professionals pre-screened by technical expertise, English language proficiency, corporate culture alignment, collaboration and other soft skills.

Quick Ramp-up for Speed to Market

Our high-level technology talent trained in U.S. and global standards can jump right in with the skills, credentials and experience needed to implement even the most complex digital transformation initiatives.

Schedule a meeting

Let’s schedule a working session. You bring your business problems and we’ll bring technology solutions that can be implemented rapidly and affordably.