Cloud Computing

Cost-effective cloud computing lets you modernize, adapt, and scale quickly to increase resilience, respond to new demands, expand business opportunities, and reduce costs

Get secure access to powerful new solutions through end-to-end cloud technologies

  • Access to the latest technologies
  • Expand business model strategies
  • Accelerate growth
  • Improve customer satisfaction and sales
  • Reduce risk
  • Enable Agile Development
  • Save time and money

Bypass costly hardware, installation and management and focus on business rather than technology

  • Deliver everything from simple apps to cloud-enabled enterprise applications
  • Develop, run, deliver and manage application functionalities
  • Manage and deploy containerized applications and clusters
  • Databases without physical hardware, installing software, or configuration

Adapt quickly and effectively to the next “new normal”

Cloud Computing During Times of Pandemic

During times of change, cloud computing has become a mandate rather than a “nice-to-have”. Providing exceptional flexibility, insights, and access to functionality that customers demand, cloud adopters have shown better resilience and the ability to quickly pivot to achieve cost efficiencies, improved service and faster speed to market. Compliance and security risks to cloud computing require a partner like NDS Cognitive Labs who can provide strategic guidance and implementation to avoid and overcome obstacles to success.

State-of-the-art security features and seamless integration with legacy systems

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Efficient and affordable, this model enables you to use cloud computing quickly, easily and only pay for what you use. Nothing to buy, manage or support.

- AWS: EC2

- Google Cloud Platform: Google Compute Engine

- Microsoft Azure: Azure VM

- IBM: Bare Metal Server, Virtual Server (VPC, Classic, Power)

Platform as a Service (PaaS)

Deliver everything from simple cloud-based apps to sophisticated, cloud-enabled enterprise applications without worrying about infrastructure.

- AWS: EBS Elastic Beanstalk

- Google Cloud Platform: App Engine

- Microsoft Azure: Azure Web Apps

- IBM Cloud: CloudFoundry, OpenShift

Functions as a Service (FaaS)

Develop, run, deliver, and manage application functionalities without the complexity of building and maintaining infrastructure.

- AWS: Lambda

- GCP: Google Cloud Functions

- Microsoft Azure: Azure Functions

- IBM Cloud: Cloud Functions

Containers as a service (CaaS)

Manage and deploy containerized applications and clusters without the complexity of building and maintaining the infrastructure.

- AWS: Fargate, Elastic Container Service, EKS Elastic Kubernetes Service

- Google Cloud Platform: GKE Google Kubernetes Engine, Cloud Run

- Microsoft Azure: AKS Azure Kubernetes Service, Azure Container Instances

- IBM Cloud: IKS IBM Kubernetes Service, OpenShift

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